William Banting is my Great Great Great Great Grandfather, on my Dad's side of the family.

The Banting Diet is named after William, and what he did over 150 years ago to help people lose weight, firstly himself.

William is one of only three men to have his name put in the dictionary, his name actually became a global movement called Bantingism, the definition above is my updated version of 1860's Bantingism, which is still in the dictionary today.

William ate 4 meals a day, 3 of his meals had meat in them, at least 1 meal was fish, 1 meat meal also included vegetables too. William's other meal was fruit, that was his third meal of the day.

See below an example of my daily banting meals, drinks and snacks, in the first 4 weeks following my banting diet I lost 5 kg's (11 pounds).

It was food only weight loss, I did not exercise once during the 4 weeks.