1. Breakfast

Salmon and Scrambled Eggs with Veggies, and Avocado.

1 can of salmon.
2 eggs
Chopped cucumber.
Chopped spring onion.
Chopped tomato.
Quarter avocado.

Prep time: 2-3 minutes.

Cook time:
Step 1: 2 minutes in microwave.
Step 2: 30 seconds more in microwave.

Serving instructions:
Salmon: Empty tin on to plate.
Scrambled eggs: Empty hot bowl on to plate.
Avocado: Cut a quarter and spoon it on to plate.

Cost per meal: $3.50 to $4.50

Notes: Add some sea salt and a cap of Paul Newman's original salad dressing to the scrambled eggs after microwaving, it's a great tasting meal.

2. Lunch

Beef, Veggies and Rice in a Low Carb Wrap.

Frying Pan Ingredients:
1gk lean beef mince. (90/10)
1kg of zucchinis.
375g rainbow veggie bag.
250g pasta sauce.
1-2 teaspoons veggie stock.

Each Meal Addition:
Half a 125g brown rice pack.
1 low carb wrap.

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 10-15 minutes

Serving instructions:
Place serving on your plate.
Place handful of almonds on side.

Cost per meal: Around $3

Notes: I make 14 meals at a time, using 1kg lean mince, (90/10) any type of meat, beef, pork, turkey etc. Once cooked, I place meals in 14 plastic containers and put them in the freezer to eat over the next 2-3 weeks.

3. Afternoon Tea

Fruit Combo Protein Smoothie, with Almonds.

2 scoops of milk.
200ml of water and ice.
Half a banana.
Some cut up kiwi fruit.
1 scoop of blueberries.
1 scoop of banana protein powder.
And some almonds.

Prep time: 2-3 minutes

Blend time: 1 minute

Serving instructions:
Enjoy! With a few almonds.

Cost: Around $2.50

Notes: William's third meal of the day was cooked fruit, I'm taking that fruit idea and making a delicious fruit smoothie, with a few almonds.

This link takes you directly to the protein powder I buy.

4. Dinner

Chicken and Veggie Soup, with Rice.

Slow Cooker Ingredients:
14 chicken drumsticks.
Mixed fresh veggie tray.
Mixed fresh veggie bag.
1 litre chicken stock.
750ml water.

Each Meal Addition:
1 x 125g brown rice pack.
(microwaved for 40 seconds)

Prep time: 2-3 minutes.

Cook time: At least 6 hours.

Serving instructions: After the meal has been in the slow cooker for over 6 hours, I peel the skin off each of the 14 chicken drumsticks with 2 pairs of tongs, placing 2 chicken drumsticks in 7 plastic containers, I then use a soup ladle to evenly spread the the vegetables and liquid across the containers.

Cost per meal: Around $3

Notes: I make 7 meals at a time, 2 chicken drumsticks in each meal, by cooking the meal with the skin kept on the drumsticks, it's very easy to peal off when the meal is ready, you can see the peeled off skin in the photo below, next to the plastic containers.

I eat this meal with just a tablespoon, the chicken literally falls off the chicken drumsticks, it's so easy to make, and tastes so good, my Mum came round for dinner the night I took these photos below, her words to me after eating one of these meals were, 'That was delicious', and I'm a terrible cook 😊